Muticity Citroën Carsharing


Einfache Tarifstruktur

Multicity Carsharing guarantees flexibility and fair prices in an evironmentally friendly way.

Our prices are just as easy to understand as it is to actually use Multicity Carsharing. As a registered customer, you can select one of two price structure options:

  • If you opt for the standard rate, you pay 28 Cent per minute of travel time.
    That’s all. No basic charge, no minimum rental period and no electricity or parking costs (if you park the car on one of the designated parking areas).

The maximum price per day is capped at €39 including electricity/gas and parking costs.

In addition, we are happy to give you an extra 15 minutes free for starting up the charging process successfully – on the condition that the battery charge level is below 50%. (This bonus is awarded maximum once a day per customer and is booked on your customer account as travel credit on the next invoice run.)

The one-time registration fee is for both rates €9.90 (incl. 30 minutes travel credit). If you are also a customer of one of our partners, you can register with Multicity Carsharing at preferential rates. Click here for more information on this subject.

The following table provides you with an overview of any other additional costs which may arise.

CITROËN Multicity Carsharing prices

One-time registration fee €9.90
Price per minute 28 Cent
Maximum charge per day €39
Booking 15 minutes in advance via the App or website €0.00

Other costs

Services/expenses Prices
Replacement of customer card €5.00
Loss of car key Actual costs
Reparking of cars parked outside designated parking areas €50.00
Tow away fees incurred by third party involvement (e.g. due to empty battery) Actual costs
Processing fee of towing away operations and damage caused by driver €25.00
Processing fee of administrative offences €5.00
Special cleaning due to breach of rental terms and conditions Depending on costs, min. €50
Losses and/or costs incurred due to breach of rental terms and conditions Actual costs
Handling fee due to chargeback and/or exceeded credit card limit €5.00
Address search (if change of address has not been communicated in timely fashion) Depending on costs/in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions
Technician callout (e.g. light left on) €25 per hour
End of ride outside business area Depending on costs, min. €25
Loss of charging cable €750.00
Use of hotline to report damage Provider-specific connect costs to German landline
Use of hotline for questions/problems related to charging process Provider-specific connect costs to German landline
Invoice by mail €1.50
Telephone booking €1.80 plus provider-specific connect costs to German landline

If you have any questions on the prices, please contact us or find the information you require on the Help & FAQ page, where we have summarized all the essential facts and figures on the prices and on using Multicity Carsharing.