Muticity Citroën Carsharing

The idea

Multicity C-Zero drives through the city

Multicity Carsharing is a ground-breaking approach with a future-oriented solution to modern, urban mobility: It is practical, flexible and, above all, environmentally friendly. It is the first carsharing service in Berlin entirely consisting of 100% electric vehicles.

Using the Multicity Carsharing service is very simple:

Registered users receive a personal customer card. They can book, drive and park the electric cars available anywhere within the operating area at any time. The vehicles can be easily opened and closed using the customer card or the Multicity Carsharing app. Click here for more information on registration and using the Multicity Carsharing service and app.

The Multicity Carsharing rates are just as easy to understand:

Next to the standard rate we offer three attractive prepaid packages. All prices cover the rental fee, electricity costs, insurance and parking costs..

  • The standard rate is 28 Cent per minute.
  • Prepaid package 1 costs €25 per 100 minutes, i.e. a charge of 25 Cent per minute.
  • Prepaid package 2 costs €55 per 250 minutes, i.e. a charge of 22 Cent per minute.
  • Prepaid package 3 costs €100 for 500 minutes, i.e. a charge of 20 Cent per minute.

Click here for details on the Multicity Carsharing rates.

Multicity Carsharing advantages at a glance

Partner: Flinkster & Call-a-bike

  • 100% electric: The fleet of vehicles is composed entirely of CITROËN C-Zero electric cars.
  • 100% flexible: Available at any time, no fixed rental period, drive and park station-free.
  • 100% environmentally friendly: Zero CO2 emissions from the car and electricity from 100% renewable energy sources at the charging station.
  • 100% mobile: Having agreed to the respective General Terms and Conditions, Multicity Carsharing customers are entitled to use all Flinkster and e-Flinkster vehicles as well as the ‘Call a Bike’ service of Deutsche Bahn – the German Railways. Berlin Transport Authority customers enjoy additional advantages: registration at a reduced price, free minutes, etc.
  • 100% transparent: Simple price structure with fair prices.
  • 100% there for you: Our service team is on hand to help you around the clock – regardless of whether you contact us by telephone or by email.

Multicity Carsharing has placed 350 CITROËN C-Zeros at your disposal in the operating area of Berlin.