Muticity Citroën Carsharing

This is how it works

CITROËN Multicity Carsharing – just a few steps to driving an electric car around town

1. One-time registration
Multicity – how it works

Take your identification card and driving licence with you to one of the local customer centres and register in person (Click here for an overview). There is a one-time registration fee of €9.90 (incl. 30 minutes travel credit). Then you will receive your Multicity Carsharing customer card, which will allow you to use any Multicity Carsharing electric car available. You can speed up the process by completing the registration form in advance here and submitting it to one of the local service points.

2. Finding a Multicity Carsharing electric car

Finding a Multicity Carsharing electric car is simply done via the Multicity website, our free smartphone app or simply call us at this number:
030/59 00 85 85.*
No matter which option you choose you will receive the exact location of the car available matching your requirements. You’ll then have the opportunity to book the car up to 15 minutes prior to starting your journey.

3. Open, start, drive away

After you have found a car, first check it for possible damages. If everything is OK, hold your Multicity Carsharing customer card over the card reader behind the windscreen in order to open the vehicle. Alternatively, you can also open your vehicle using the Multicity Carsharing app. With your customer card you can access any available Multicity carsharing vehicle, regardless of whether you reserved it or not. All you have to do now is to take the ignition key from its holder located in the glove compartment and you can sit back and get going – 100% flexible.

4. Parking

Just park the car on one of the designated parking areas within the operating area. Simply return the ignition key to its holder in the glove compartment and use your Multicity Carsharing customer card or the Multicity Carsharing app to lock the car. Naturally, parking is on us.

Alternatively, you can use a parking space reserved especially for electric cars at a charging station, this will allow the next user to access the complete range. You can find the location of the charging station on our website as well as via the Multicity App and navigation system in the car. Click here for a detailed description of the charging process.

If the battery charge level is below 50% we encourage you to start the charging process at one of our charging stations within the operating area. As a sign for our appreciation we will give you 10 minutes for free.

If you wish to interrupt your journey for just a short time, you can simply lock the car with the car key or using the app and continue your journey at a later point in time.
The rental period keeps on running until you ultimately lock the car with your Multicity customer card or the app. We take care of the parking costs – and you don’t even need to worry about the ticket for parking!

You can view your travel costs in your private customer area.

You still don’t have a customer account? Register here now.

Any other questions? You can find all the information about CITROËN Multicity Carsharing under Help & FAQ.


* €1.80 per telephone booking plus provider-specific connect costs to the German landline